Munawar Pharma production facilities are spread over an area of more than 50,000 Sq feet and almost an equal space is available for the expansions to meet the needs and demands of future. The production dept comprises of highly skilled staff who are amounted among the cream of the pharma houses and latest digital equipments for obtaining and producing products of highest standards in their quality, efficacy and stability as per CGMP / CGLP. This is the reason that Munawar Pharma is being recognized among the quality conscious pharma organization marketing brands with absolute quality and high acceptance in Pakistan pharma market and improving her market place year after year.


Munawar Pharma keeps striving to meet the latest needs of pharmaceutical market. We are directly involved to establish a modern and highly dependable quality control system ranging form procurement of raw material to ultimate disposal from our warehouse.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a wide ranging concept that individually or jointly influences the quality of a product.  Stringent quality control is one of the basic ingredients of quality assurance. All process and methods are validated, checked and controlled as per CGMP. Our production department is looked after by highly and technical trained personnel.

Hierarchy Chart




The organization with the vision & Commitment to be a top class quality conscious, health care, progressive organization, continuously striving hard to keep on improving our Quality management system, offering drugs fit for their intended use, safety, quality and efficacy plus the environment promoting Health and conducive for learning & growth.


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Phone: +92-42-35841326
Address: 224-A, First Floor, New Muslim Town, Lahore, Pakistan
E-mail: info@Munawar