Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision, mission and values are more than mere words. They illustrate the purpose of our existence and define how we do our business. Our mission and vision are deeply rooted in all our business strategies! Forming the cornerstone of our business and providing us with a clear roadmap to success, we, at Munawar Pharma, never lose sight of our vision and mission and core commitments; together they define the company objective and the path for us to follow.


Committed to excellence


To Provide Cost effective health Care products for every individual that improve quality of life for mankind.

We are equipped with latest state of art-manufacturing plant backed by our team of dedicated professionals.

Our Commitments:

We are committed to:

•    Advance wellness, prevention, treatments and cures.
•    Bring the best scientific minds together to challenge the most feared diseases of our time.
•    Set the standard for quality, safety and value of medicines.
•    Use our global presence and scale to make a difference in local communities and the world around       us.
•    Promote curiosity, inclusion and a passion for our work.
•    Be a leading voice for improving everyone’s ability to have reliable and affordable health care.
•    Maximize our financial performance so we can meet our commitments to all who rely on us.



The organization with the vision & Commitment to be a top class quality conscious, health care, progressive organization, continuously striving hard to keep on improving our Quality management system, offering drugs fit for their intended use, safety, quality and efficacy plus the environment promoting Health and conducive for learning & growth.


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Phone: +92-42-35841326
Address: 224-A, First Floor, New Muslim Town, Lahore, Pakistan
E-mail: info@Munawar